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Why Pure Ayurveda? 

To resolve the queries of such people, we are going to make it extremely simple. The natural ingredients of the range does not cause any damage to the skin, hair or health of users. The 100% organic composition of the products are highly effective, which reduces the dependency of clients on chemical products that might cause long term damage to users. 

Our Infrastructure

Our facility is backed with the most durable & efficient set of machines as well as equipment. Each machine & equipment installed at the facility help us in completing a specific task with perfection. As per the latest standards of GMP, the facility is maintained. Utmost hygienic conditions are assured at the premise. For efficient performance of our team, we have segregated our facility into varied units, including:

  • Manufacturing Facility: Here, we manufacture our range of Green Neem Shampoos, Curcumin Capsules, etc., as per the exact demands of clients.
  • R&D Department: The R&D unit is where all of our researchers and developers focus on innovating our collection, as per the latest advancements & discoveries of the medical & Ayurvedic industry. 
  • Quality Testing Laboratory: Our quality control lab is where our company conducts stringent tests on ingredients as well as finished products. 
  • Storage & Packaging Section: Our company maintain a top notch storage & packing section, where use of best in class material handling equipment is made. The section is used to store our ingredients and produced products in an organized manner, before and after its quality packaging. 

Benefit From Choosing The Best! 

We are the best! Our company has always claimed that but what does that mean for our clients. The  better we perform, the more benefits we offer to our clients. This is why, we attract a huge clientele towards our name. Some of the reasons behind our popularity are as follows: 

  • Our 2 decades of experience in the field of Ayurvedic products.
  • Our consistent focus on providing high gratification to our more than 50 thousand loyal clients.
  • Our constantly improving collection of products that is manufactured using hand picked ingredients 
  • Our promise of exceptional product purity.

Storage & Packaging

Our company is relying on our storage and packaging unit to store as well as pack the entire collection. The unit is kept clean, at all times. Controlled temperature is assured at the facility to keep the products safe & fresh. This facility is installed with best storage furniture, material handling equipment, packaging machines and an adequate stock of tamper as well as moisture proof packaging materials.

Our Best Services

Our firm promises to provide all the customers with top-class customer support so that we can attain maximum customer satisfaction. 

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