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Antacid Syrup & Tablet
Antacid Syrups & Tablets are effective in treating stomach disorders associated with acidity, excess salvation, gas formation and heart burn. These medications contain herbal ingredients that have long lasting effect.
Anzyme Syrup and Gastro Capsule
Anzyme Syrups and Gastro Capsules are reliable remedies of flatulence, gastric conditions and acidity. Advanced formulation of these medicines provides immediate relief from the above mentioned conditions and these drugs have long lasting result.
Cough Syrup and Tablets
This range of Cough Syrups and Tablets is well known for its long lasting result, side effects free composition and quick mode of action. These medications provide relief from bronchial spasm and manage allergic condition associated with cough.
Vitamin General Tonic Syrup and Tablet
Vitamin General Tonic Syrups and Tablets are effective options to boost immunity power and to ensure overall health. Advanced formulation of these medications fortifies disease prevention capacity of body and guarantees about long lasting medicinal value.

Hair Oil - Shampoo And Tablet
Hair Oils - Shampoos And Tablets offered by Green Health Care is well known for its natural and herbal ingredients. Tried and tested formula of these products nourishes hair to make it dense, lengthy and healthy.
Liver Tonic Syrup and Tablet
Liver Tonics Syrups and Tablets have been specially formulated to manage acidity and in handling fatty liver condition. These medications are effective in accelerating metabolism and in purification of blood by detoxification.

Blood Purifier Syrup and Tablet
Blood purifier syrups and tablets are effective in eliminating toxic content present in blood. Presence of toxin in blood results in a number of health conditions that include skin problems. These medications combine a number of herbs with immense therapeutic value.
U Clean Capsule and Syrup
U Clean Capsules and Syrups are effective in treating kidney stone. These medications are also effective in treating urinary tract infection. Formulated from quality approved ingredients, these medicines have long lasting result.
UTERINE Tonic Capsule Tablet and Syrup
UTERINE Tonics Capsules Tablets and Syrups are reliable remedies of menstrual pain. Advanced formulation of these medicines fortifies uterus and relieves pain. These medicines are also effective in improving function of ovaries and in rectifying menstrual cycle.

Pain Relief Oil & Anti Rheumatic Capsules
Pain Relief Oils & Anti Rheumatic Capsules offered by us are well known for their long lasting medicinal properties. These medications are composed of well chosen herbs that have immense therapeutic value.
Laxative Powder and Tablet
Laxative Powder and Tablets have significant role in maintaining cleanliness of intestine. These medicines are effective in providing relief from constipation and in promoting wellness. We offer these medications at reasonable rate. 
Bone Care and Calcium Capsules
Bone Care and Calcium Capsules are effective in strengthening bones by providing required calcium to body. These herbal medicines have been formulated under controlled environment by using quality approved ingredients.

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